My Daughter is an Atheist

Sunday, August 2, 2009
Not long ago my daughter informed me (and my wife) that she and her BFF are atheists. My daughter and her friend announced their atheism in a very matter fact way while we were all watching TV. For them it was no big deal, kind of like "I like this show and BTW I am an atheist". Although, I had suspected her best friend was an atheist I was not sure about my daughter.

Not only am I a proud father, I am a proud father of a young atheist. My daughter will be a sophomore in high school this fall and is not only a critical thinker but a straight A honors student. What makes me proudest though is that she came to the realization she is an atheist on her own without any pressure from me. In fact, I refused to talk to her about my atheism because I did not want to put any influence, positive or negative, on her.

My daughter excels in math and science and she is my hope for the future.
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