Do Atheists Need Their Own Religion?

Sunday, April 5, 2009
In my inaugural post I would like to follow up on a reply I made to a comment on What is Atheism? at Atheist Revolution.

In a comment to Vjack's post on What is Atheism?, David Hockey writes,
"History suggests that humans can’t manage without a religion of some kind. Religions give hope, console, provide support, suggest ways-to-behave that try to improve society, etc."

Atheists do not need a religion but I do I think what atheists need is a community. I say this because a need for community is what brought me to the atheist blogosphere.

I have known for most of my adult life that I did not believe in a god or gods and for the last dozen or so years I have been repulsed by organized religion. Also, in the last few years I have come to accept that I am a atheist, but I knew of no other atheists to talk to about atheist issues and living in a mostly conservative and fairly religious area I certainly was not going to go around asking anyone. Although my in-laws are atheists and my father is agnostic and maybe a atheist, I have never felt comfortable discussing my atheism with them nor I have talked at length with my wife about my atheism even though she knows, mostly because she is spiritual in her beliefs.

So, what does a closet atheist do to talk with other atheists? Well, they read, join and discuss the issues on atheist blogs or what I think of as communities. Whether I am right or wrong in thinking that atheists need communities I do know that is why other atheists have been drawn to atheists blogs.

In the atheist blogosphere I have found not just communities but hope, support, consolation and suggestions for the betterment of society.

Welcome to my community.