Keep Prayer Out of Our Schools

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Under no circumstance should prayer ever be sanctioned in public schools. Public schools are likely the last bastion of government that have successfully fought most attempts to infuse religion. Public schools have had to endure ongoing battles to keep prayer and ID out of the classroom. While I'm OK with silent personal prayer mostly because it is silent and personal, I am NOT OK with publicly led and sanctioned prayer in our schools.

Sanctioning prayer in public schools is not something I can sit on the fence about. Prayer and religion belong in the home or in church or preferably not at all.

From Mark at Proud Atheists:

Prayer in the American public school system has been an ongoing debate for the religious and non-religious alike for decades now. Should school-led prayers for commencements, sporting events and other activities be allowed? To which god or religion would your public school officially sanction? Even though, our nation is one of a Christian majority, shouldn’t we consider that many of our school children are not Christian? Not all are monotheists, but some are polytheists and even atheists.

You can read the whole article, Prayer in Public Schools

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