What's up with Interstate Batteries?

Sunday, January 9, 2011
Interstate Batteries Chairman Norm Miller has created a commercial to promote God's Love. The commercial advertises the site http://www.iamsecond.com/.  OK, I have no issue with this, he can have his first amendment rights to free speech.

Interstate Batteries is a privately held corporation with 1400 employees nation-wide. Since they are a privately held corporation and not publicly traded, they obviously do not have to deal with shareholder outrage over corporate sponsorship of religion.

However, if we use the national average of those that identify as non-religious (approx. 16%) then over 200 Interstate Batteries employees would fall into this category. I wonder how they feel about there Chairman using company resources and time to promote God. I, for one, would have an issue working for Interstate Batteries or any company whose Chairman uses company resources and time to promote God.

Interstate Batteries has an entire web page on their corporate site devoted to Norm Miller's God's Love. On the page there are links to other sites to Share God's Love.

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