A Not So Good Week

Saturday, July 24, 2010
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My mother-in-law has not been feeling well for a few weeks. On Monday we took her to the hospital on advice from my doctor that the vertigo she was feeling may have been the result of a stroke. Well it wasn't a stroke. After a CAT scan it was determined that she had three tumors in her brain.

The small hospital in our town is not staffed to deal with the full diagnosis and initial treatment of cancer. So, they sent her to a larger hospital in the county where they determined she had lung cancer that has metastasised in the brain.

She underwent brain surgery to remove one tumor and send it to pathology to determine what type it is and how best to fight it. She will be starting radiation therapy on Monday for the two remaining tumors in her brain since the are inoperable. After about six to eight weeks she will start chemotherpy.

A not so good week.

Now before all you Christians start offering prayers you need to know she is not religious. And if she were religious she wouldn't believe in Jesus because she is Jewish.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, although it has been a bit cathartic, the real reason is that with all of the heartache and chaos I never once looked for God, Jesus, Yahweh, or any other magical being for help or guidance. In fact, I didn't even think about god(s) until I realized I hadn't given it any thought.

Christians like to tell you that you will come back into the fold when you are in need. Well, if this wasn't a need I do not know what would qualify. So, if ever there was doubt (there never really was) about my being a atheist it has all been erased.