Hey Martin, Where Have You Been?

Saturday, June 12, 2010
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Busy. Crazy busy!

Last year I accepted a position with my union (CSEA) as Political Action Coordinator for my region (San Luis Obispo county). I knew accepting the position would entail extra work eventually. Well eventually came. Since the last week of April I have attended a legislative conference, training for a grass roots group and a fund raiser for an endorsed candidate. In between these events I worked with a team from my region to stage a rally to protest cuts to California education. Oh and of course I had all of my regular work and family life going on.

I have always been interested in politics but I was never willing to get involved because most politics get me rather upset. However, since starting this blog I have been able to temper by anger over religion through posts. Now I am hoping to do the same with politics. This is not to say this is going to become a political blog but I feel as though atheism, education and politics have become inextricably intertwined.

 Starting with post I am going to be posting more about politics in addition to atheism and education.
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