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Sunday, June 13, 2010
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There is a lot of talk on various blogs about getting involved. But what does getting involved mean? Although, I think getting involved means something different for everyone, what ever it means to you, just get involved.

For me, getting involved meant becoming active in my union. Instead of jumping in both feet first I started out as webmaster for my chapter and after about six months I attended the Chapter Public Relations Officer academy. Chapter Public Relations Officer (CPRO) seemed like the next logical step because it was basically what I was doing as webmaster. Additionally, the position was open on my chapter's executive board.

Last year I was recommended to the Regional Representative for the position of Political Action Coordinator (PAC). I readily accepted the position because it was time to put my mouth where my politics were; progressively to left. I have, for the most part always voted democrat, and for the last 15-20 years I have voted exclusively democrat and more progressively with each election. Without doubt I am a yellow dog democrat

The advantage of getting involved with my union was familiarity. I knew the people, I knew the subject and I knew the politics. Well at least I thought I knew the people, the subject and the politics.

Most of the people are like minded liberals of varying degrees. However, it surprised me to find so many religious conservatives in the union. I also found out the subject was much deeper than I thought. At least the politics were mostly what I suspected - progressively liberal.

Overall, I am still getting my feet wet as my region's PAC but I have enjoyed what I have done so far and I am looking forward to the coming months working up to the November election.

Now get out there and get involved.
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