Intelligent design to take over all studies

Saturday, September 5, 2009
Acceptance of gravity in the United StatesImage by Colin Purrington via Flickr
In an opinion piece by Brian Reinhart on Sept. 4th of the online version of The Rice Thresher, Brian says that,
"...the consensus among reasonable people is that modern science indicates the theory of evolution was, at best, a misguided effort. Most contemporary theorists agree that evolution does not explain the fact that the universe is so perfectly adapted to our needs. And if even a single step in the alleged "evolutionary" process had gone wrong, we would be completely different creatures. We probably would not even be able to think.
Brian then goes on to say,
"...there is increasing acceptance among the scientific community of intelligent design theory, or the theory that life is best explained as the product of some kind of prior plan, sketched out by an all-encompassing being far cleverer than we are."
Brian also notes that,

"Several hundred scientists around the United States recently signed an open letter expressing their doubt about evolution. The list included Rice professors Patricia Reiff, James Tour and Pablo Yepes, plus professor emeritus Dale Spence." 
Brian also goes on to debunk the theory of gravity, plate tectonics, astronomy and enlightenment. Read his entire opinion piece to fully understand his thinking.
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