Does Obama's Speech to Student Violate Constitutional Rights?

Sunday, September 6, 2009
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Or, My Post on an Article about an Article about a Radio Report

In a September 4, 2009 article at RenewAmerica By Arlen Williams titled, 

Execution of Obama's speech to students, violating constitutional rights, by usurping powers
An article about an article, about a radio report -- about the beginnings of treason

Arlen writes,
There are at least three problems in Obama's predictably ministerial ploy upon America's educational complex and upon our children:

  1. the usurpation of state and local jurisdictions, by federal government, inherent in the orchestrating of this entire set of events

  2. the (changing) suggestions or dictates of teacher-student behavior, to be carried out before and after the speech

  3. the content of Obama's speech

I work in K-12 education, though not as a teacher, and I find these problems to be patently false and manufactured by likely "teabaggers" and "birthers. Arlen uses the article, Major Breach of Protocol by Nancy Matthis of American Daughter to bolster his assertion that President Obama and the U.S. Department of Education have somehow usurped the power of the states with his upcoming speech. Arlen also references the U.S. Constitutions Preamble and Ninth and Tenth amendments which speak to states rights but do not actually appear to have any relevance.

Nancy writes,
"Most of the controversy surrounding his scheduled speech and the lesson plan outlines prepared for teachers to use with it has been concern about the content of his remarks."
Obviously, Nancy has no idea of how classroom curriculum is created. With the exception of Texas, curriculum is developed by a committee of teachers, administrators and sometimes parents and then forwarded to the Board of Education for approval. The Board of Education does not directly develop curriculum. Furthermore, the curriculum outside of standardized textbooks and academic standards are created by the individual teacher or by the department head. In any case, the teacher can always choose to use or not, any outside provided curriculum. What does this all mean? It means they don't have to use the provided curriculum unless they want.

Nancy also says,
"But the damage has already been accomplished in the process .(emphasis hers) Barack Hussein Obama communicated directly with all of the country’s school principals, and got them to march in lock step, without anyone screaming about the school boards being bypassed. The first step of the Marxist game plan is complete."
Oh the horror! President Obama chose to bypass the bureaucracy of school boards, which wouldn't really have much of say in this anyways and spoke directly the people that matter, school principals. Oh and by-the-way, every school and school district in my county are showing the speech with the encouragement of the superintendent and school boards.

Too bad I screwed since I am a IT guy I get to figure out how to get this out with out killing our network but that is another story.
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