Dinner with Mojoey

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
I am in Anaheim for a two day advanced training on the software my school district uses for managing students.  After a  few previous attempts to get together I finally enjoyed a dinner and a few beers with Joe (Mojoey).

In case you don't know who Joe is let me tell you about him as he is a quite fascinating person.
  • Joe once worked in the aerospace industry manufacturing parts for the B2 bomber without even knowing what he was making them for.
  • Joe co-developed Pointalist which was popular software for Mac OS in the early 1990's before he and his partner sold it to Adobe.
  • He is a professional photographer but photography is not his profession.
  • He is an avid disc golfer.
  • Joe is currently an IT manager in the aerospace industry.
  • Joe writes several blogs; My Blind EyeRattling the ChainsDeep Thoughts and The Atheist Blogroll.
Although, I don't know how he would find the time I think he does other fascinating stuff that he didn't get around to telling me. Of course I am not sure how since we talked, ate and drank for over 3 hours. It may have been because of my habit of running off at the mouth and disrupting the flow of conversation.

Despite so-so food at Haven Gastropub in Orange, Ca the company was exceptional and I look forward to meeting up with Joe again.

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