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Saturday, October 1, 2011
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Last night I was at a going away party for a long time coworker. Near the end of the party I was sitting with a group of coworkers while one of them was explaining how they just bought a house.

First, she told us how she had been driving around this particular neighborhood for about two months looking for homes for sale and foreclosures. She finally found a foreclosure she loved and although it was in need of some repair she asked her Realtor to make an offer. Her Realtor said it wasn't for sale and couldn't make an offer. 

So, she went back to driving around the neighborhood. A few weeks later a For Sale sign was posted and she again contacted her Realtor. This time they made and offer which was rejected. When the made a second offer they were told it was sold.

So, again she went about looking until her Realtor called and said the sale fell through and they want you to make an offer but it has to be cash. She said she can't do cash so they made a regular offer. After about a month of back and forth they finally agreed on a price and that the bank would pay for necessary repairs. So, she bought the house and moved in a few weeks ago.

So, why am I telling you this and what does have to do with religion? Well, all through her story she kept saying how complicated and confusing the process was and that god must have been watching out for her. She said it was a miracle she got the house and that god must have made sure.

I will be the first to admit that buying a house can be a complicated and at times confusing process but I don't think even god could help her through the process of buying a house even if god existed. As complicated a process as it is it is still a process of men and laws.

The reason she got the house it turns out is that the company that had the foreclosure, Wachovia, had just been purchased by the company that was providing her loan, Wells Fargo. Additionally, the person handling the foreclosure and the person handling the loan ended up in the same office. 

But, what I really think made the difference was her persistence in looking in the same area.

So god did it? I don't think so.

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