Who's More Dangerous to America - Muslims or the Right?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
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I believe it to be the Right! However, Newt Gingrich still thinks American Muslims are more dangerous. Gingrich during a interview in the right-wing Don Wade and Roma radio show said the following;
You know, you have to ask yourself what is it on the left that makes it impossible for them to tell the truth either about radical Islamists or about nuts? And what is it about the left that requires them to smear conservatives with no evidence at all, and to do it with great moral indignation?

Yet on the left the very people who scream if you tell the truth about American Islamists, as I did in our movie “America at Risk,” turn around and say “oh let me draw the worst possible comparison because it makes me feel better”.
I don't mean to say that the Right is violent in and of itself but there is no question that their, 1st Amendment protected, speech has reached a level that is more dangerous and inflammatory them anything coming from American Muslims.

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