Atheists of Florida Stop Graduation Prayer

Sunday, May 23, 2010
The Atheists of Florida successfully negotiated with Alonso High School and the Hillsborough County School District to prevent a prayer from being said at the graduation ceremony scheduled to take place on June 3rd.

The Atheists of Florida were contacted when a parent learned that Alonso High School principal Louis Diaz had rejected her appeal to remove the prayer from her son’s graduation ceremony. On Thursday May 20th, an Atheists of Florida attorney met with school officials and Principal Diaz and it was agreed that even though the word invocation would remain on the program there would be no religious message and a non-religious poem would be read instead.
The parents (who wish to remain anonymous) appreciated the quick work of the Atheists of Florida stating, “we are now looking forward to our son’s upcoming graduation ceremony.”   John Keiffer, president of the Atheists of Florida, was equally pleased with the outcome saying, “I commend Mr. Diaz and school officials for acting promptly and professionally to acknowledge the civil rights of our community.”

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