Happy Anniversary

Monday, April 5, 2010
... to me.

Today No 2 Religion is one year old.

One year ago today I wrote my inaugural post, "Do Atheists Need Their Own Religion?". I wrote the post in response to a comment on "What is Atheism?" by Vjack at Atheist Revolution.

Here is the comment and reply that started it all:
In a comment to Vjack's post on What is Atheism?, David Hockey writes,
"History suggests that humans can’t manage without a religion of some kind. Religions give hope, console, provide support, suggest ways-to-behave that try to improve society, etc."
Atheists do not need a religion but I do I think what atheists need is a community. I say this because a need for community is what brought me to the atheist blogosphere.
So what has changed in the last year? Well, I have certainly found community, a lot of community. I have known for many years that I was an atheist but I never felt comfortable talking about it. However, joining and participating in the online atheist community allowed me to talk and learn about my atheism. I was shown that there are many, many others like me in world. I have allowed myself to be more open about my atheism with my family and my community.

A few months ago I joined a new local atheist Meetup group. It has been a fantastic experience and while we are still working on our mission we are looking forward to doing some good in our community.

Here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year:
Thanks to all my reader's and commenter's.
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