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Friday, February 12, 2010
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In Pastor Mike's most recent post he wonders if Darwin was a racist. While he certainly won't commit to saying Darwin was racist but he certainly paints that picture with quotes from various individuals. Pastor Mike thoughtfully highlights and emphasizes certain "evidence" for us. Pastor Mike also attempts to link Darwin with moral decline, atheism and the rise of Hitler.

A few selected quotes from Pastor Mike's post that he uses as "evidence":

Ernst Haeckel was a German biologist, and a contemporary of Darwin, who laid the foundation of racism and imperialism that resulted in Hitler's racist regime.

Edward Simon, a Jewish biology professor at Purdue University, wrote, "I don't claim that Darwin and his theory of evolution brought on the holocaust; but I cannot deny that the theory of evolution, and the atheism it engendered, led to the moral climate that made a holocaust possible."

Sir Arthur Keith, a well-known evolutionist, assessed Darwin's impact on Hitler and Germany: "We see Hitler devoutly convinced that evolution produces the only real basis for a national policy....The means he adopted to secure the destiny of his race and people were organized slaughter which has drenched Europe in blood."

I think, however, this is the money quote from Pastor Mike himself (emphasis and highlights are Pastor Mike's): 

Men like Nietzsche (who often said God was dead, called for the breeding of a master race, and for the annihilation of millions of misfits), Hitler, Mussolini, Marx, Engels, and Stalin were all outspoken evolutionists, ( as well as ATHEISTS ! ) , and these people and their theories have been responsible for the slaughter of multi-millions of people, and the destruction of freedom all over the earth. It is amazing that so many liberals, radicals, fascists, communists , socialists , and atheists , as well as the easily impressed worship at Darwin's shrine.

What A DICK!
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