Bashing Religions

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
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(I am sitting looking out the window at where the trolley ran.)
While sitting in the surgical waiting room at UCSF MC (waiting to see my wife in the recovery room), there was a group of people sitting near me that was bashing a family members religious preference. Specifically, the group was Catholic and they were commenting on how the family member still hasn't "found her faith" and how she was attending some "Christian" church.

Other than reading about religions bashing religions on blogs and online articles, I have never really been exposed to it much. Growing up most of my friends (and girlfriends) were Catholic and a few friends were Mormon. The only bashing I ever saw was Jehovah Witness, which we all agreed was bat-shit crazy.

Throughout my life I have heard and participated in various types of off-handed comments about different religions but, these Catholics were treating their family member as some type of nut job because she was attending a non-Catholic "Christian" church.

It was obviously lost on them that they were calling "the pot calling the kettle black". It was all I could do not to point out their hypocrisy. But, a surgical waiting room is not the appropriate place.

Now had they asked me....
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