If You Can't Make It Then Fake It

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
invisible research!Image by the mad LOLscientist via Flickr
Science Blogs blogger Brian Switek (Laelaps) writes that the Discovery Institute has once again tricked or improperly used interviews from scientists for another pro-creation movie. The DVD titled, Darwin's Dilemma, "features interviews with leading evolutionary paleontologists such as Simon Conway Morris of Cambridge University and James Valentine of the University of California at Berkeley..." However,  Valentine says he was tricked and Conway Morris says he never gave them an interview nor gave them rights to any interview. It wasn't enough that the tricked Valentine but apparently since they couldn't interview Conway Morris they decided to fake the interview with Conway Morris. Further in Switek's article he quotes from an "ID the Future" podcast that was conducted with the producer who comes off like the typical creationist moron.

Read the full article and see the astounding DVD trailer at Laelaps Science Blog.

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